Telecoms Engineer

When I first joined, I was a telecoms summer student and my friend actually recommended it to me, as they thought I’d really enjoy the work. The process was long and I had a lot of forms to fill in but there was a decent amount of contact during the process. Towards the end, it did go quiet for a while… I thought I hadn’t got the job. But of course, I did. And obviously, it’s hard to expect what you’re coming into so I found the familiarisation day and the welcome day to be really helpful. But even with those days, it’s still hard to know what you’re coming into and trust me, films don’t give a good perception of what we do. There’s a lot of legal scrutiny in everything we work on… it’s all carefully warranted. But that helps, because everyone here is so proud of their work, knowing it helps our country. And that translates into the culture here. Everyone’s as open they can be. Obviously, there’s bits we can’t talk about, but we all have a similar outlook on things so we all enjoy helping each other out regardless of our role in the organisation. We need to be on top of our game here also, so we’re always given the chance to get training, or go to conferences and gain more skills. It can be difficult, because I can’t openly talk about the work I do and it’s so interesting. I’d love to tell people about what I’ve done that day but you know I understand I can’t. But then again, I’ve made really good friends here that share the same passion for the work as I do. Yes, what we do is incredibly important. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good laugh now and again.

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