Cyber Engineer

I find this is a really supportive place to work. Teams are always happy to help, everyone’s really friendly and people with more experience are always on hand to give advice to anyone who feels they lack any knowledge. I first applied because it sounded like an interesting place. It’s a large organisation, so I got the sense there’d be a lot more variety and opportunities when I compared it to the other job offers I received at the time. So I decided to apply online. Of course I had to go through the vetting process but it was fine. It just took some time to get in but I can understand why. The challenges here are always changing, and it can be quite extreme. You can’t get stuck in a status quo because you have to stay at the leading edge of technology. I have to keep learning and developing myself. But there are great opportunities to do that here. When I joined, I had previous Microsoft experience. But I’ve since learnt a few different developing languages like C++ and Python. I’ve developed so many new skills working here because of the amount of training I’ve received. It’s great because it’s always been relevant to my job so I get to use them, which means it’s definitely been worthwhile. Coming here as a graduate, I’d say it’s important to have an analytical mind and approach problems scientifically because a lot of your success will be based on the solutions you come up with. As I mentioned before, things are always changing so you have to be open to that and we take the law very seriously in everything we do. You’ll get the right legal training of course, but you’ll need to make sure it’s at the forefront of everything you do, because it is for all of us. In terms of being a part of the organisation, you’ve got be quite a friendly person because it’s like a community here. You have to be prepared to engage with people. Essentially, it’s about being a team player and having the ability to communicate with people.

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