Higher Apprentice

What attracted me was the possibility of working for a secret intelligence agency… I started out as a university student, but after seven months of University I realised it wasn’t for me. With the apprenticeship, I get a good balance of theoretical and practical education… I get to work with a wide variety of business areas and on real life projects… And I get excellent support from trainers, line managers, mentors and all the other people in the business. There are other benefits too… such as earning a proper wage, and being able to buy the things you want. But most of all, the access to further learning and the wealth of technology and experienced people blows university out of the water. I had a non-technical background… so the biggest challenge for me was dealing with so many new subjects. It was quite daunting at the start… but with the support and the quality of the training, I was quickly on top of my work… getting the results I wanted… and really enjoying the course. I’m even getting used to all the acronyms we use. I’ve always wanted to be successful and have a great career so I can live comfortably and enjoy the benefits. If you’re prepared to work and put the effort in here, your job prospects and career ambitions can rocket up. To do that, as an apprentice you need to be hard working, willing to learn and keen to develop yourself… And you need a certain amount of maturity… because we’re often dealing with sensitive stuff. As well as the balance of theory and practice on the apprenticeship, there’s also plenty of scope for you to do your own projects and allow your imagination to run free. I love the working environment, the new friends you get to make and the personal development opportunities. It sounds cheesy, but when I walk past the building I just think to myself: “I work there - that’s pretty cool.”

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